Turn any moment into a special occasion and every special occasion into one to remember, with Alva’s Sweet Touch cookies. It doesn’t matter whether you get them for an anniversary, baby shower, wedding, or even for yourself as self-care, these cookies will share affection; causing a sweet mark of emotion through every flavory bite. Don't miss out on their taste because of their beauty when you receive your cookie package in the mail! But take your time,if you need, they won't get hard for another week after you've opened them!



Alva's Sweet Touch

Alva Cabrera brings a Latino taste to the traditional sugar cookies, by using flavors such as passion fruit, orange, coconut, and lime. The kitchen has become her sanctuary for making exquisite cookie designs. She loves the time she is able to spend with her family and baking. After receiving many requests from friends and family Alva began to deliver cookies, and is now recognized as Alva's Sweet Touch, from the flavory taste of her cookies and the elegant touch of her packaging. You must try them! 

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